6th International Conference on Agriculture & Fisheries ; Systems & Technology in Bangkok Thailand 2020

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Thailand is Asia’s primary travel destination and offers a host of places to visit. Sixteen million foreigners flying into the country each year, Yet despite this vast influx of visitors, Thailand’s cultural integrity remains largely undamaged – a country that adroitly avoided colonization has been able to absorb Western influences while maintaining its own rich heritageRead more: http://www.roughguides.com/destinations/asia/thailand/#ixzz3aMMODnJg


AIRPORT NAME : Suvarnabhumi Airport

Accommodation – Thailand is very cheap, though the north is far cheaper than Bangkok and the islands. You can find cheap guest houses for as little $7 USD per night in cities and $4 USD per night in the countryside.

Food – Food is really cheap in Thailand. Street food costs as little as $0.65 USD per meal, though on average you’ll spent about $1 – 1.50 per meal if you eat on the street. If you eat local food you can eat for around $3.50-5 USD a day. Western dishes cost between $5-10 USD,

Transportation – Like everything in Thailand, transportation is also cheap. Local buses cost as little as $0.25 USD per trip, the Metro and Skytrain in Bangkok cost $0.50-1.50 USD per trip, and cab rides are usually $1.75-3 USD.


Top Things to See and Do in Bangkok

1) Wat Arun

The impressive silhouette of Wat Arun’s towering spires is one of the most recognised in Southeast Asia. Constructed during the first half of the 19th century

2) Grand place

Built in 1782, and for 150 years the home of Thai Kings and the Royal court, the Grand Palace continues to have visitors in awe with its beautiful architecture and intricate detail.

3) Chinatown

Chinatown is a colourful, exotic and pleasingly chaotic area, packed with market stalls and probably the highest concentration of gold shops in the city. 

4) Chao Phraya river 

One of the most scenic areas, the riverside reflects a constantly changing scene day and night: water-taxis and heavily laden rice barges chugging upstream, set against a backdrop of glittering temples and luxury hotels. The areas from Wat Arun to Phra Sumeru Fortress are home to some of the oldest settlements in Bangkok

5) Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market has reached a landmark status as a must-visit place for tourists. Its sheer size and diverse collections of merchandise will bring any seasoned shoppers to their knees. The market is home to more than 8,000 market stalls

Hop the ancient capitals – Between Chiang Mai and Bangkok are Thailand’s three ancient capitals – Sukhothai, Lopburi, and Ayutthaya. Visiting them on your way north is a unique way to head from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. You’ll get to learn about ancient Thailand and see rural life at its best. My favorite capital is Ayutthaya.

Learn to cook – Thai food is one of the most delicious types of food in the world and its relatively easy to cook. All over the country you’ll find places to teach you, though the best are in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Even if you don’t plan to cook back home, at least you get to spend a day making and eating food.

agrifish2020 - 6th International Conference on Agriculture & Fisheries ; Systems & Technology 2020

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